The Gospel of Thomas


The Thomas Book Collection

In your search for the Gospel of Thomas you have done well to find this website. It introduces you a unique collection of books that give you crucial help on the way forward.

While the Internet is unsurpassed for giving information, the deeper awareness of what the Gospel of Thomas can give you comes from times of focused contemplation. Only books can be your companion here.The focus may be on a single saying, on a Teaching of Jesus revealed in this Gospel, or on the guidance it gives to meet any practical event in your life.

For spiritual seekers and those dissatisfied with the teachings of the established Church, the Gospel of Thomas Collection is a series of spiritual writings that provide unique explanations and insights into Jesus' teachings in the Gospel of Thomas.

Unlike other attempts at translation and explanation of this early text, this Gospel of Thomas Collection unveils new depths of spiritual meaning and understanding of these powerful sayings of Jesus.

Unique collection of books

This Collection is for those from a variety of backgrounds and religions who are seeking guidance for their spiritual journey or answers to perplexing questions . You may be responding to 'leadings', insights, 'promptings in your heart'. Or you may be dissatisfied with established religious teaching with the emphasis on faith/belief and the Bible that seems out-of-touch with today's realities.

At the heart of the Collection is the Gospel of Thomas translation by Hugh McGregor Ross. This Gospel contains 114 sayings attributed to Jesus and recorded by the apostle Thomas. These sayings have deep and profound meanings that are difficult to comprehend at a first reading. To assist you with the Gospel a number of companion books have been published that explore the key themes, explain and guide understanding, and provide insights into their significance for everyday life.

Each publication focuses on today's issues and life-choices rather than than being an academic treatise on the ancient text . This is in contrast to many of the other works on the Gospel of Thomas which fruitlessly discuss the differences between 'Thomas' and the synoptic gospels of the Bible. Much of that is to challenge the authenticity of 'Thomas', or to suggest a heretical origin, or to promote a particular viewpoint based on the author's religious 'genes'.

The Gospel of Thomas comes from a single source; the main Collection also comes from a single source: Hugh McGregor Ross. Ross has devoted over twenty-five years of contemplation and study to this work bringing together the 'fruits' of both his spiritual journey and that of others for readers to share.