The Gospel of Thomas


Métanoïa Commentaries

T he French scholars of l'Association Métanoïa were the first to gain substantial understanding of the inner meanings of the sayings of Jesus in the ancient Gospel of Thomas. Their books giving illuminating commentaries on each of the sayings were published in 1975 and 1979

The Métanoïa commentaries have been selected and adapted for this website. Also advantage has been taken of the discovery by Hugh McGregor Ross that by rearranging the order of sayings in the Gospel crucial spiritual Teachings of Jesus are revealed.

The validity of this approach is confirmed by the members of the Thomas Circle in England using these commentaries as a means to find a way into the riches of the Gospel of Thomas.

We offer a tribute - a kind of homage -to the revealing and inspired commentaries of these early scholars of the Gospel of Thomas.

Website created by members of the Thomas Circle. Translations into English done by Andrew Redpath