The THOMAS Web-Zine
May 2008 Issue 12

Show Me the Way

Seekers have a hunger. A hunger that's often expressed in the pleading “show me the way” or the common question “what is the way?” . The Way—with a capital letter—takes on a special meaning and when uttered usually results in slow nods by the listeners. Knowing-looks signal “we understand”, “we know what you mean”, when in reality there is little common understanding of The Way!

Established Churches have created rules and practices to guide you on their Way—notice, it's their Way and not your Way. Because with rules and practices come a lot of other ‘baggage' which may require you to ignore your experiences, and may insult your intelligence. But still, we seek certainty, we want to follow established routes, we need to avoid feeling lost.

Jesus through ‘Thomas' does not directly show you The Way; instead he offers guide-lines to help you find your own Way, following him. As a great spiritual Teacher he had the capacity to understand the many manifestations of human life without requiring that it must fit certain norms of propriety. He knew that there was no place for the ‘one-size-fits-all' approach to spirituality.

In logia #6 and #14 Jesus actively rejects many of the common practices still performed today with the responses:

Jesus Said:
Do not lie, and do not do what you dislike,
for all things are revealed before heaven.   [#6 6-9 ]

For what goes into your mouth will not defile you
but what comes out of your mouth, that is what will defile you.   [#14 13-16]

But Jesus does indicate that his guidance is gentle:

Jesus said:
Come to me, for easy is my yoke and my lordship is gentle,
and you will find Repose for yourself Logion  [#90]

Jesus knew that each of us has to travel our own Way, so he provides clues and signposts in his sayings for us to follow:

+ overcoming our ahamkara—the robber, the giant,
+ continually seeking our Way along our individual spiritual journey,
+ caring for ourselves and our inner self: our soul.

This is a journey that we each have to make alone but we are in the company of other travellers. We need to seek them out and share with them our stories of the journey; the Way. Then the knowing-looks will truly signal “we understand”, “we know what you mean”.