The THOMAS Web-Zine
September 2010 Issue 26

Questions, Questions!

early 20% of the sayings in 'Thomas' are in the form of questions and answers, often answers that are least expected. This form of teaching was the most common approach when little was written and few could read. And the oral tradition lives on today in many forms but it is most effective in smaller groups consisting of an expert and a number of students. We use the terms Master and Disciple in the context of spiritual teaching. The fact that this form is so evident in 'Thomas' indicates the authentic nature of these logia.

It's intriguing to examine these logia where the disciples ask their questions. Something that is very apparent is their desire for support and security. For example:

  • #18 tell us what our end will be
  • #20 tell us what the kingdom of the heaven is like
  • #24 show us the Place where you are
  • #43 who are you that you should say these things to us?
  • #51 on which day will the new world come?
  • #91 tell us who you are so that we may believe in you

They seem to need constant reassurance to overcome their doubts and confusion.

Are we the same? Do we also seek that reassurance?

Jesus recognizes their and even our condition in logia #60. It is one of the rare cases where Jesus asks the disciples a question:
"Why does this man carry the lamb around?"

They make an obvious reply: "so that he may kill it and eat it!"

Jesus clarifies that what they mean is that the lamb must be dead before it can be eaten. You can almost hear the frustration in the disciples' reply: "otherwise he will not be able to do it" Perhaps they were thinking 'why cannot the Master understand that?'

Jesus then turns it into a teaching moment to deliver one of his key messages: "seek after a Place for yourselves within Repose lest you become corpses and be eaten"

In other words, be in the Light not the Darkness, be spiritually alive not spiritually dead, find your Divine Centre, enter your Sacred Ground.

Consider this: what questions are you being asked by Jesus? How is he helping you to change your Knowing?

If you don't know, then perhaps your first step is to get to that place where he can talk with you; to meet him on sacred ground, to become alive!

© Barry McGibbon & Hugh McGregor Ross