The THOMAS Web-Zine
November 2007 Issue 9

h2>Are You Coming To Dinner?

Jesus said:
A man had guests
and when he had prepared the dinner,
he sent his servant to invite the guests. (#64)

This is a well-known saying of Jesus. so well known that it is very easy to skip over it, to ignore it, or to believe we understand it. Whatever our views we need to look at this more closely in the context of Jesus' teachings in Thomas: the inner world of the spirit, and the outer world of objects and attachments.

To the listeners of the saying, Jesus' language had a special meaning. Dinners and feasting were big events in an area that suffered regular famines. To be invited to dinner was a great honour. Buyers and merchants were important people in the community—they traded goods, owned property, collected money—that was mainly agricultural workers. But buyers and merchants are criticized; an unusual thing by Jesus who always seeks unity rather than division. More generally, this criticism is really aimed at anyone preoccupied with material concerns.

When we use the 'hidden' language of Thomas, then a deeper meaning of the three themes in the logia become clear.

'A man prepares dinner for his guests'
Our internal Guide/spirit has spiritual food ready for us and when we take it we will be fulfilled and satisfied. This is the true meaning on 'mana' or the "daily bread" of the Lord's Prayer.

'He sends invitations to buyers and merchants who make excuses and decline them'
But we are aboard in the world, taken up by the business of life and attachments. We are either not listening to the prompting of the spirit in our heart or worse, ignoring the invites thinking our outer activities are more important.

'The man invites those on the road to dinner instead'
So instead the invitations go to those travellers on their spiritual journeys who are ready to recognize and accept the invitation. They will be fulfilled.

While we are abroad on our self-originated activities we miss the call from the Master to join Him in the Eternal:

Jesus said:
I am the light that is above them all.
I am the All. [#77]

Be Still and Know the Truth.